Board of BTS Bahntechnik Sachsen e.V. (f.l.t.r.): Mr. Robert Lehmann, Mr. Lars Hildebrandt, Mr. Harald Rüdiger, Mrs. Jana Heinisch, Mr. Wolfgang Leibiger, Mr. Michael Brandhorst, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arnd Stephan

`It is my aim to locate traditional knowledge and experience as well as quality from Saxony internationally. I will contribute to a strong appearance of the Saxon rail industry in the market and towards institutions.´

Harald Rüdiger
Chairman of the Board

A graduate in Electrical Engineering, Harald Rüdiger is Managing Director of Rüdiger ITM – an engineering consultancy for technical management and, among other things, an authority in the field of electrical systems as well as for RAMS studies.

`As a member of the board of BTS I participate actively in the rail industry and to forward the Saxon innovation strength.´

Wolfgang Leibiger
Deputy Chairman

Wolfgang Leibiger is head of the departments of transport operations and marketing of DB RegioNetz Verkehrs GmbH, Erzgebirgsbahn. Mr. Leibiger has held senior positions in the Saxon railway industry since as long as 1995.

`As my role as a treasurer I will bring my management skills and my 20-year-long experience as a service provider for engineers in the association. As a member of the board I will take action in the operation and influence the future of the association, representative for the rail industry of Saxony.´

Lars Hildebrandt

Lars Hildebrandt is Managing Partner of BBG Bauberatungsgesellschaft mbH, and thus has particular expertise in the fields of geotechnical engineering, environmental protection and building investigations.

`BTS Rail Saxony is an essential communicator for Saxon enterprises in the rail industry. As a secretary I have the chance to involve in the actions of the association. Furthermore you can create a lot of contacts with the help of BTS and strengthen the relationships.´

Jana Heinisch
Secretary General

A graduate industrial engineer, Jana Heinisch is a welding engineer for Stahl- und Hartgusswerk Bösdorf GmbH, the products of which include cast steel for railway vehicles.

`For the development of rail technology products from Saxony, the clustering of the regional industry, research and development is the main requirement. As a professor and CEO of a local engineering office, I engage as a member of the board, who offers an ideal network therefore.´

Prof. Dr. Arnd Stephan
Science & Technology Transfer

Prof. Dr. Stephan occupies the Chair of Electric Railways at the Friedrich-List Faculty of Transportation Sciences at Technische Universität Dresden and is Managing Director of the IFB Institut für Bahntechnik GmbH (Institute of Railway Technology). He is a recognized expert in the fields of electrical motive-power technology, electrical power supply, high-speed and light-rail systems, among others.

`With the help of my cross-industry network and my personal experience in the new federal states of Germany, I will contribute to the success of the rail industry network in Saxony.´

Michael Brandhorst
Member of the Board

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Michael Brandhorst is Managing Director of Photon Meissener Technologies GmbH and has particular experience in the area of the development and production of railway vehicles and their components and manufacturing technology including laser welding and optimization of production processes.

`I realize that there is a radical change in the rail industry and expect an improved position in this process through the clustering of the industry participants. For me, BTS is the ideal platform for networking in Saxony.´

Robert Lehmann
Member of the Board

As Managing Director of RailMaint GmbH, Robert Lehmann has particularly extensive experience in solutions for rolling stock availability, maintenance and refurbishment of rail vehicles and component refurbishment.